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Jalynn Adrienne Jones is a Gerontologist and Black Entrepreneurship Thought Leader. She is the Founder of Compassionate Sales, LLC, a healthcare sales training consulting firm, and Black Pretty and Paid, LLC, an affirmation-enriched business coaching platform designed to diversify wealth in American through premium digital learning experiences.

Ms. Jones specializes in compassionate sales, business growth, organic marketing, coaching, and healthcare.


For the past 5 years, Jalynn has been a nationally and regionally ranked high-performer in corporate sales, business development, and marketing. She’s a member of the first-black Greek lettered organization and is an HBCU graduate passionate about nurturing a new lane of mindset shifting for black entrepreneurs. Jalynn’s coaching style laser focuses on new and aspiring entrepreneurs who desire to reconnect to their purpose, passion, and foundational knowledge to sustain a business venture.

Speaking Topics to Support Your Audience

From CNA to CEO: The Art of Compassionate Sales

A mindset expansion conversation for millennials about career development, entrepreneurship, business development, and wealth.

Not If, But When

An Advance Care Planning Conversation for the Entire Family. Specialty area in Aging, Hospice, and Palliative Care for African American Families.

The Power of Digital Learning for the Modern HBCU

How to leverage the power of business coaching and digital learning to amplify alumni giving among millennials.

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